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(No, I didn't make the title just to get a higher SEO ranking, but apparently it worked...)


Don't waste your time with page builders and plugins.  We offer pro-fessional website design at the coding level to provide a unique and powerful place for your brand.


A logo isn't just a cool graphic on your social media page, it is the very face of your brand.  We offer high-quality, vector-based logo designs that fit any application.


We work closely with new and veteran authors to provide help in all areas of the book-making process and offer support for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

Game Design

From concept to finished title, SD provides a wealth of knowledge and skill, specializing in graphics and level design in engines such as Godot, Unity3D, and UnrealEngine.

3D Modeling

If flatland is too boring for you, we offer 3D modeling of all kinds through our services.  Houses, game models, logos, and much more.  If you model it, they will come.

Audio Engineering

Composing music is a true artform, and we use the latest software to produce many varieties of music for several applications.  Click below to sample our tunes!

We'd love to help you grow your brand, your business, and even improve your quality of life.  This form will connect you directly to the team at SD so we can discuss your awesome idea and quote your project using UpWork's revolutionary Direct Contract system.

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